Who we are

GBG EREDI DI Brocca Gianfranco di Anna Ballabio Brocca e C snc

The eco-friendly surface plating company

Our Company is certified to standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

The company is run by the three children :

  • Anna who is in charge of the adiministration
  • Roberto who is in charge of technical and commercial management
  • Tiziana who is in charge of  Logistics

The parts to be treated are filed in our archive with the relevant customer’s specifications. The production facilities are controlled by a computer-run system integrated into our management system.
The controls of the chemical solutions are carried out once a week by our suppliers and by our operators on a daily basis.

The certificates are issued by our outgoing control department before delivery to the end customer. The Quality is ensured by our integrated  management system which provides for the retrievability of any production lot and the specifications required by the relevant Customer.
The eco-friendly policy of the Company has enabled us to attain a zero-effluents target and the obtention of the Integrated Ecological Authorization "AIA".