The Company

GBG EREDI DI Brocca Gianfranco di Anna Ballabio Brocca e C snc

The eco-friendly surface plating company

We are equipped with a lab enabling us to carry out:

  • Titrations of the plating baths;
  • Detection of the plate  thickness;
  • Adhesion test;
  • Soldering test.

The instruments used for the plate thickness control are as follows:

  • Destructive, used when metals and alloys to be analyzed have a very similar emission potential (e.g. copper/brass));
  • X-Ray non destructive

Our plating lines are controlled by a computerized system integrated with our management software, in order to guarantee the repeatability of the process data of the relevant working lots.
The thickness controls are carried out by our operators during the treatment and certified by a final test report before shipping the ready items to our end customers.
The baths are fed and controlled by an automatic system; the efficiency of the process is guaranteed by chemical analyses which are performed on a daily basis  in our lab and on a weekly basis by our material suppliers.